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Striking Style and a New Philosophy: Avangard GC is Rebranded

Communication agency Avangard GC has celebrated its 10th anniversary operating in the Russian market by creating a new corporate brand and logo which reflect the company’s dynamics, values and leadership.

The past 10 years, have seen Avangard Global Communications increasingly progressing through the setting up of a number of unique communication market practices and services. Senior Partner of Avangard GC, Vitaly Sherement explains why this growth inspired the rebranding of the company: “Throughout the years, we kept moving, making progress and creating our own corporate identity, focusing on helping our clients to succeed in different business areas, including pharmaceutical, FMCG, IT and agriculture, At one point we realized that the corporate design which we had did not represent the values and knowledge of our team. A kind of visual disparity appeared between what our Russian and International clients knew about the services we provide and the design they first saw”.
Now, our proactive attitude towards communications, clear goal setting and commitment towards finding efficient solutions are successfully visualised and reflected in our new corporate style of a bright red logo against a white background and gray font. The logo’s geometry symbolises movement and a target, representing the focus on the most important point – persistent achievements.