Social Communications

A key area of operation at Avangard Global Communications is the provision of information and implementation support for social projects and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. This service is designed for those companies in need of creating a positive information field for their activities as well as for those deploying a policy of corporate social responsibility within their firms.
With an extensive background in the area of social communications, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of services in this area:

Social Projects

  • Identifying the needs of target audiences and the company’s priorities in the field of social policy.
  • Developing scenarios of social actions and creative concepts of social advertising.
  • Organisation of social initiatives and events in the media and social networks.
  • Public hearings support.
  • Coordinate relationships with relevant NGO’s, representing officials and a selection of field experts where appropriate.

Sponsorship and Charity

  • Development and implementation of sponsorship programmes.
  • Identifying and attracting partners to participate in the company's social programmes.
  • Handling negotiations and preparations for client participation in sponsored programmes.
  • Organising participation in charity events.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Development of CSR programmes, together with an associated media plan.
  • Assists company participation in Government Territories Development Programs.
  • Organising negotiations with relevant stakeholders.
  • Preparation of the annual non-financial statements in accordance with international standards (GRI, AA 1000, ISO 14000).