Avangard Global Communications is a full-cycle communication agency, providing a range of services pertaining to all that relates to public relations, advertising and the holistic organisation of special events. We have extensive experience in implementing offline and online information campaigns, dealing with various complexities connected to advertising campaigns, promotions and crisis management.
Our commitment has always been to build and maintain an open and transparent dialogue with our clients, enabling us to carefully assess and identify the best route forward in achieving their targets. To meet the client’s communication needs, we employ various types of PR methodologies and instruments, both traditional and current. The former include collaboration with mass media outlets and event production, whilst present-day methods entail the use of digital promotion mediums such as social networks, blogospheres and interactive communications, amongst others.
Avangard offers its services throughout Russia as well as other Eastern and Western European countries, including the UK. We provide localised, on-site project teams who operate in the field according to need. Despite our cross-border operations, the agency ensures that sufficient resources are available to effectively carry out its various assignments simultaneously in different locations.