To ensure effective interaction and high-quality service provision, Avangard Global Communications applies industry-oriented practices, specifically designed for companies in the areas of IT, FMCG, real estate, finance, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. 

Financial Practices

This service is considered to be one of our most established areas of operations, this being offered by Avangard ever since its inception. Our specialised experts have extensive research and practical experience related to the development and implementation of public relations, communications and marketing programmes, specifically designed for the banking, insurance and investment sectors. Our portfolio includes a significant number of major companies operating in this area who have entrusted their communication requirements to us. Avangard’s experience in this sector also extends to anti-crisis and management projects.


A key area of operation at Avangard is the promotion of consumer goods and services. We can successfully cater for the needs of this client group through the use of highly equipped and state-of-the-art technologies and the allocation of the right amount of skilled employees to cater for numerous projects simultaneously. Few of the many examples of major companies who have entrusted us in the promotion of their goods and services are Nestle, Pepsico, Unilever and Philip Morris. Aside from many leading brands, we are also involved in assisting smaller companies in promoting their wares. This varied experience, coupled with our openness for client feedback, has led us towards becoming more client-oriented, creative and able to design and offer high-quality, tailor-made services at competitive prices. The most in-demand service amongst this category of customers is the comprehensive subscriber service which, in addition to the traditional PR methodologies and projects, also comprises the production and publishing of promotional materials, including digital promotion.

IT and High-Tech

From the beginning, Avangard has acknowledged the growing importance of IT and other technologies in the market sphere and predicted the replacement of traditional means of doing things with this new mode of operation. Consequently, Avangard has invested considerably in research and training in this area to ensure that an excellent and high-quality service is provided to companies operating in this sphere. This investment has duly paid off and transported Avangard to one of the top ranked PR agencies specialising in IT in Russia. Our specialists in this area have been involved in fully-integrated marketing communications projects for both established and smaller high-tech companies, these specialising in numerous areas of IT including software development, information security, access management and control, data storage and online communications. Avangard has also gained extensive experience in working with foreign IT companies in the promotion of their products and services in the Russian and Eastern European markets. Moreover, our agency offers tailor-made and exclusive services to international IT and high-tech companies requiring consultation and support to successfully penetrate the Russian market. To ensure convenience of access, Avangard has opened fully-fledged functional offices in both Moscow and London. Furthermore, our people are ready to travel to your desired location to discuss projects according to need.

Medicine and Pharmaceutics

Our specialised Healthcare Department provides a variety of public relations and marketing support projects and activities for pharmaceutical companies, medical clinics and manufacturers operating in this area. All specialists working in this department have been carefully selected on the basis of their educational background in the medical field. This ensures a more thorough understanding of the specifications of product demand as well as improved communication with the clients.

Real Estate and Construction

Avangard has successfully collaborated with agencies involved in the construction and real estate business for nearly a decade. Our main specialty is the creation and provision of comprehensive promotional products for renowned residential buildings / complexes, business centers and rural properties which are on the property market. This service includes consultancy and advice on various aspects of promotion, production of building models, design and production of promotional material, creation of marketing strategies and organisation of open-day events. Our real estate and construction experts have been mainly trained and have extensive experience working within the Moscow and Krasnodar property markets which include high-end estates and shopping complexes.


This sector is one of the most recent sectors which Avangard has been investing in, after acknowledging the growing importance and influence of agriculture within the business markets. For the past four years, the company has been providing marketing support for various agro-chemical companies – in the meantime, we have studied in detail all the nuances of this B2B-business and have consequently planned, implemented and managed a number of large projects with the participation of both Government agencies and academic institutions concerned with agriculture. Avangard’s offices are located in key agricultural regions in Russia, mainly Krasnodar and Stravropol. This close proximity enables us to build an effective and personal collaboration with manufacturers in this field. Experience has shown us that our support to clients in their marketing and promotion strategies have increased their market share considerably – at times even making them the leaders in the specific segments of this sector.