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Organized the first tour of the students in the social project "Young shift" in 2010

March 25 Crimean technical college students, students majoring in "Installation and operation of industrial equipment", visited the glass plant "Rusjam-Kuban" in Krymsk. The excursion was organized by the GC "Vanguard" in the project "Young shift."

"This is the first tour in 2010, organized by our company in the social project" Young shift. " We started to conduct the project in 2008. During this time, had 12 trips organized 24 seminars for students of technical schools and colleges of the South of Russia for professional socialization. On the personnel market of Russia, especially the South, there is an acute shortage of skilled workers. On its removal and focused our project. We are working not only with students NGOs and the ACT, and assist the completion of a personnel reserve companies of southern Russia as demand specialists. I want to note that this project is a social and free for all participants, "- said General Director of the State" Vanguard "Nadia Al-Saffar.

Glass plant "Rusjam-Kuban" was built by Turkish investors in 2009. The company is equipped with modern equipment, new production lines, revealing the organization of labor in the global standards. Tour began with a brief introduction. Students are shown a film about the plant and company presentation. After watching the guys went to the factory, where we saw a whole chain of manufacturing glass containers - from raw material to packaging of finished products. They were interested in working conditions and employment opportunities to the company. March 29 "Rusjam-Kuban" took externship 4 students Crimean technical college, studying in the field "Installation and operation of industrial equipment" and "Economics and Accounting."

For companies, the South of Russia "Young shift" - this is an additional opportunity to replenish the reserve from an extensive database of qualified workers and specialists with secondary and basic vocational education, closing vacant positions specialists among trainees and interns. Also - this is a good opportunity to influence the quality of the necessary expertise by creating requests for specific professional competence of graduates.

The "Young shift" is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Department of Education and Science of the Krasnodar region, department of Education Voronezh region, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Stavropol Territory and Rostov Region Ministry of Education, the Office of Youth Ministry of Defense, Krasnodar.



The group of companies "Vanguard" includes PR-agency Vanguard, personnel, legal and marketing agency. Team HR-specialists GC "Vanguard" has extensive experience in the successful solution of human problems in different business areas: processing industry, industry, agriculture, banking, retail and wholesale trade, services, Aerobusiness, oil and gas, etc.

"Rusjam 'Russian subsidiary of the Turkish company« Anadolu Cam Sanayii »(head office in Istanbul, is a group of manufacturers of glass Sisecam), founded in 2001. This company has 5 glass factories in our country - "Rusjam-Ufa", "Rusjam-Kirishi" (Leningrad region), "Rusjam Intercession", "Rusjam-Gorokhovets" (Vladimir region ") and" Rusjam-Kuban ", located in Krymsk. Glass comes brewery "Baltika", "Ephesus", "SUN InBev", "Transmark", "Heineken", "Tuborg" and producers of mineral water and soft drinks.