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One night opens exhibition of the manners of the Krasnodar glitterati

April 16 in the Krasnodar club "Peter Bar" will be a photo exhibition of Igor Dridiggera "Stololazy." Organizers of the project agency special events Lafayette, Peter Bar, with information support and magazine "Art of Consumption." PR-promotion project provides PR-agency "Avangard".

More than 60 professional photographs will be presented in a closed display in Krasnodar. Most of them are created in different years. The project is literally built over the particles' - the author of the exhibition Dridigger Igor, "the pictures were taken in the last 5 years on various presentations and cultural events."

The "Stololazy" - is a challenge to modern secular society, culture conviction unrestrained consumption. Therefore the theme of food, which the author has chosen, the exhibition deliberately outrageously exaggerated.

According to the author Igor Dridiggera exhibition: "The motto of this project -" Look, not eat. " Perhaps this is the main message that we pay to the modern consumer society. In fact, today, any presentation or event into a fun and noisy celebration of the soul and the stomach. "

The "Stololazy" has so far unprecedented in the Russian photographic industry, not only in content, but also the manner of filing.

Photographer exhibition devoted his memory of Jean Baudrillard - French cultural studies, postmodern philosopher and photographer. The man who earned the title somewhat ambiguous postmodern magician scenes guru of postmodern.

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