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In the future, regional PR-market should specialize

Development of regional PR-business is impossible without specialization. Today, 95% of agencies Krasnodar region, working in advertising and BTL and event services offer PR services in the structure of the services. However, 95% of the proposals is not true and in fact misleads the consumer. Agencies genuinely qualified and professional staff and offering PR-services as a key for only 2% of the total.

This situation makes the professional market to raise the issue of accreditation or certification PR services. By this view came to registered users of the South-Russian conference «PR Seasons," which will be held from 23 to 24 March in the city of Krasnodar.

"Such a step would help market participants to compete fairly in the market and return the value of the concept of PR» - says the head of the organizing committee of the conference «PR seasons", director of public relations "Vanguard" Vitalii Sheremet.
Currently, PR, advertising and BTL is inextricably linked to each other concepts, especially at the regional level. The value of the profession leveled primarily due to the fact that the professionals working for government and large corporations, local agencies are limited staffing and scope of the project, and in fact these conditions inhibit the education of new professionals in the industry and often even graduates of the faculties can not distinguish advertising from PR, as in most cases with the second not even encountered in practice.
"Certification has already been tested on the basis of the Federal Association of Public Relations. It's time to move this experience on the regional soil "- said Vitaly Sheremet. If we are talking about the future of PR in the region, we should not only raise the value of the services and trade, but also assist agencies to specialize. PR services market is quite narrow in the region, therefore, to better its development agencies need to occupy the niches that provides regional industry or become a pro in one or two services.
A professional company can not fulfill all quality dozens of services listed in his list. To achieve this, sadly, regionalschiki have neither the human resources, no training. Impasse - specialize and be out of the competition.
The process of professional certification in the region could begin in 2011. The monitoring function can be assigned to the PACO and PR-industry leaders in southern Russia.


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