Event Management

At Avangard Global Communications we can professionally manage and oversee all the steps involved in the organisation of events, regardless of their size and complexity. Creative and personalised solutions provide a unique flavour to each event, coupled with an outstanding level of organistion. The continuous drive for creativity, the application of modern technological tools and the use of high-quality contractors, ensure that each event is produced to an excellent standard level.

Our event management team has valuable experience in organising a wide-range of events including:
Business Events

  • Conferences.
  • Training seminars / workshops.
  • Report and other presentations, launching of projects and new solutions.
  • Press events (briefings, press lunches and press tours).

 Official Events 

  • Opening ceremonies.
  • Awards ceremonies.

 Internal Events 

  • End of year summaries.
  • Anniversary celebrations.
  • Team building events.