Crisis Communications

As a well-established PR agency, Avangard Global Communications upholds a unique experience in handling crisis management campaigns. With our expert support, your entity will be able to successfully manage itself out of the crisis faced, with the most minimal adverse effects possible. With the extensive capability of our consultants we can not only predict the occurrence of a crisis in advance, but also formulate appropriate courses of action to counteract the situation at hand.
Our crisis management specialists will monitor the situation 24 hours a day and will be ready to convene in any location in Russia and Europe to carry out the following:

  • An audit of the situation and the balance of power. 
  • Analytical studies and identification of problems within the information fields.
  • The development and implementation of an anti-crisis communication strategy. For this process, Avangard utilises its own resources to identify and attract the required topic analysts as well as specialists in strategic and tactical planning and projections.
  • Determining the type of crisis being faced in order to accurately draw up a set of recommendations to successfully address it.