Avangard Global Communications, a Public Relations and Marketing agency, was founded in Krasnodar, Russia in 2003. Within the next five years, through a great deal of hard work and determination, Avangard was successfully transformed as the leader in this area within Southern Russia. In 2009, having successfully overcome the global economic downturn, the company managed to effectively penetrate Moscow’s competitive market. Our goal of expanding our services to the UK market was finally achieved through the opening of an office in London in 2012. Avangard is an active member of the Public Relations Society and is ranked in the top-20 of the most media active PR agencies in Russia.
Avangard’s strength lies in our capable team of professionals, whose extensive experience in PR and Marketing, together with a fully-equipped skills package and unwavering energy to reach target goals, have managed to provide services that meet and exceed the high international market standards.  The company’s objective of providing a culturally-specific communications service is attained by having on board employees from different countries who are able to communicate fluently in various languages including Russian, English, Danish, German, Italian and Maltese.  
Our main focus is to offer a diversified communications product for all types of markets. Avangard’s principal business activity and area of expertise is the provision of PR and marketing services, including the organisation of events and promotion for companies operating in a variety of sectors including IT and technological equipment, finance, pharmaceutical, fast-moving consumer goods and luxury brands, agribusiness, digital communications as well as Government entities, including one targeting Russian tourism.