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200 PR-specialists took part in the South III Russian conference «PR-season 2010"

March 23-24 in Krasnodar held III South-Russian conference for specialists in PR «PR-season 2010." Brought together representatives of 78 PR-services companies in the region, as well as 130 students enrolled in the public relations profession leading universities in the region.

«PR-season" - this is a brand, they are the vector of development of the industry. It is still the only one in the South specialized platform for professional communication PR-specialists. The need for its existence underscores the fact that each year it gathers representatives of PR-department of companies operating in various sectors, including "Nestle Kuban", "Philip Morris", "Tele 2", "Krasnodargazstroy", "Krayinvestbank", "Kuban Ruszhdam "The Department of Natural Resources and state environmental control. In total this year was presented 78 organizations. Also at the event got its own website It will be posted a photo report of the event and video, "- said the conference organizer Vitaly Sheremet (PR-agency" Vanguard ").

March 23, 2010 on the basis of the Kuban State University of Technology held "Youth PR-seasons", which collected 130 seniors and those who have just started training in the profession. For students from Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Armavir were Vladimir Weiner (official representative of the International Advertising Festival Clio Awards in Russia) and Paul Fox (managing director of marketing agency in the UK).

On "Youth PR-seasons» PR-agency "Vanguard" has announced the launch of the competition for students to create their own media-based social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Results of the competition will be announced during the year, the prize for the winner of expensive fashionable gadget.

March 24 was the main conference, which consisted of two sections: one for specialists in public relations - business and employees of public authorities, and the second for marketers wineries Krasnodar region.

One of the themes of the conference was the use of a new tool in public relations: conducting social marketing and information campaigns with social advertising. "Today's consumer expects of a public declaration of the protection of rights and interests, support the important things for him. Ie brand must include both commercial and social component, "- said Vladimir Weiner, Creative Director of Advertising Research Grand Prix, the curator of the social news website advertising in Russia and regions Vladimir Weiner presented the few cases of successful social marketing campaigns.

Continuing the theme of social Oleg hot, Manager of Corporate Affairs and with the authorities of the South of Russia "Philip Morris Kuban", described the experience of implementing charitable projects in the Kuban.

Krasnodar is a platform for the implementation of new and new investment projects of Russian and foreign companies. On the eve of the start of the second phase of the plant "Nestle Kuban" Elena Kiyanova, manager of external communications of the company, shared with participants practical experience in building a communication campaign of the investment project.

PR-agency "Vanguard" analyst survey prepared PR-services market in 2009. Its findings and recommendations to further develop solutions enhance the role of PR-specialist in the organization presented the PR-season Vitaly Sheremet, director of PR-agency "Vanguard".

Paul Foulkes (Paul Foulkes Arellano), Director General of the UK consultancy Wren & Rowe, told the conference about the new trend of brand promotion in Europe - carrying home a brand-parties and special events. "You make arrangements for their friends to 30-50 people, and make its members, hundreds of people using social networks," - said Paul Foulkes.

Marketers wineries Krasnodar Territory Paul Foulkes presented the case of brand development for the company-producer of wine in Portugal. Update brand allowed the company to overcome the loss ratio and significantly improve the profitability of sales in the domestic market.

At the end, Paul organized a workshop for the participants: they all tried to develop a new brand of wine grown in the Kuban. Towards the end of heated discussions Paul noted that the most important thing that should be in the new brand - it's a dream come true. However, the Russian people are very realistic consciousness and need to dream more, to create a world-class brand. He also presented to the participants of the conference trends in wine production in Europe - a new approach to packaging: wine in aluminum cans.

This year «PR-seasons" held in Krasnodar for the third time. The event was initiated by pr-agency "Vanguard", is supported by the PACO, KubGTU.

Sponsor: OOO "Nestle Kuban"

Conference partners: TOC "Oscar" RB "Ayros" Advertising and production company «US Print», «Flower Mail."

General information partner: the newspaper "Izvestia Krasnodar".

Information partners of the event: "The business newspaper South", "The real business», DFM, ITRC "Krasnodar +», NTK News, portal of the Southern Region, Belarus Institute of PR, Design studio "Creative City."